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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 580 rely knowing
“School’s good . Uncle, how was the holiday to Yuhuang Hill?” Hao Ren asked .
Zhao Guang smiled as he spotted them trying to be responsible and cover for every other .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
“Zi! Dinner time time!” Zhao Hongyu yelled downstairs .
Probation was more serious, hence the university needed to really make it appear even more reasonable along with to increase in the beat outside of the college .
“Fine . ” Zhao Yanzi retracted her mind . Her facial area was crimson, and the corner of her oral cavity was really a little moist .
Zhao Guang quickly considered that Zhao Yanzi caused the difficulty and dragged Hao Ren in there when Zhao Yanzi asserted that Hao Ren didn’t do just about anything wrong .
Copying the primary 100 chapters in Guwen Guanzhi would have almost an entire night time!
Hao Ren looked over her very closely, decreased his go, and kissed her lips one more time .
Regardless that Zhao Guang declared that he was only going to request the college, Zhao Yanzi believed that her dad could definitely withdraw Hao Ren’s abuse .
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“Dad… will you help me with one thing?” Zhao Yanzi abruptly cut off when they were definitely almost carried out with supper .
“Zi, I am hoping you together with Xie Yujia are certain to get along superior from now on,” Zhao Guang mentioned as he noticed Zhao Yanzi’s pouting, oily mouth area .
Zhao Yanzi didn’t talk with Hao Ren . She checked out her homework, pouted, and held a ballpoint pencil as she made an effort to fix the issues .
“Glance at the difficulty brought on by you! I can call him, but you have to duplicate straight down everything in the first 100 chapters on the Guwen Guanzhi!” Zhao Guang reported in a stern strengthen .
Hao Ren handled his nasal area and went around awkwardly . He didn’t count on that Zhao Yanzi would attempt to remove his abuse for him he believed she was just gloating above his misfortune .
The atmosphere conditioning was changing and producing sounds within the noiseless space, and the sound of lips pressing was recognizable also . Zhao Yanzi looked adorable as her body system changed sideways and her shoulder leaned against Hao Ren’s torso .
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Right after she concluded writing the math concepts and English assessment documents, she planned to replicate the earliest 100 chapters for the Guwen Guanzhi later tonight and try to fingers it into Zhao Guang by the next day morning hours .
“Oh yeah!” Zhao Yanzi replied unwillingly .
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“Yes!” Zhao Yanzi moved the exam newspapers ahead of Hao Ren .
When she stumbled upon tough questions, she experienced a practice of biting the top of the the pen, and she pouted her pink mouth and frowned as well . It was actually quite interesting observing her .
Dragon King’s Son-In-Law
Zhao Yanzi didn’t care that Hao Ren was staring at her and continued dealing with the down sides . She organised her fury to herself and considered, “Everything about Xie Yujia is great . Even her grades are close to fantastic . But can’t I acquire against her?”
“Um, how’s college?” Zhao Guang questioned .
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Hao Ren discovered a pen to confirm Zhao Yanzi’s problems . When Zhao Yanzi was performing the questions, he investigated them concurrently . Thus, he virtually recognized if Zhao Yanzi does them correctly or perhaps not .
Despite the fact that Zhao Guang mentioned that he was only about to inquire the college, Zhao Yanzi was aware that her dad could definitely withdraw Hao Ren’s penalties .
If Zhao Yanzi didn’t tell them, she wouldn’t know that Hao Ren was receiving a severe punishment like probation .
“And below, it’s your outdated addiction . Don’t be too clumsy about removing definite values…”
Zhao Yanzi found that Hao Ren aimed to take control the fault, and her sight increased in dilemma .
“Zi! Supper time!” Zhao Hongyu yelled downstairs .
She knew that Hao Ren acquired accomplished quite a bit on her and was handled by those things, but she experienced jealous when she saw Hao Ren and Xie Yujia alongside one another .
Zhao Yanzi discovered that Hao Ren attempted to take over the fault, and her vision widened in confusion .
When Zhao Yanzi found Zhao Guang’s grin, she believed that there might be a style to the scenario . She believed, “I didn’t believe there could be occasions where Father would reveal leniency . “
When it had been prior to, she want Hao Ren to move as quickly as possible and remain the only human being on the room . However, she still wished for Hao Ren to be together with her when she stated she sought Hao Ren to leave right now .
Experiencing Hao Ren still wandering over, Zhao Yanzi blushed, grabbed the ballpoint pencil about the family table, and extended to perform the math exam newspaper .

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