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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 907 – Returning to the Surface drum jealous
If it had been not to its elephant-like sizing, Su Yang wouldn’t have noticed it so rapidly, as the farming base was vastly above his personal.
A few days later, they emerged before a ma.s.sive underground lake that had been able continue being as a solution regardless of the cold temperature.
After they landed, they started out strolling on the exit which had been only a few minutes within the long distance.
“We’re going to travel instantly up now,” he explained to her.
“Also, in the event you prepare these magical beasts and consume their various meats, it can enhance your Yin Qi substantially. Do you need to attempt eating some?”
The Void Emperor
Su Yang then handled the lake and stood before the normal water.
Su Yang utilized his Sword Qi to decapitate its travel before making use of his Alchemy Fire cooking it.
Xiao Rong easily nodded her top of your head.
Following staring at the water in silence for most a short time, Su Yang suddenly transferred his arm, posting an individual strand of Sword Will in the drinking water, much like a fis.h.i.+ng rod.
Soon after staring at water in silence for numerous a few minutes, Su Yang suddenly moved his arm, mailing just one strand of Sword Will into the h2o, almost like a fis.h.i.+ng rod.
“Are you fulfilled now?” Su Yang requested her.
Xiao Rong heightened her eye brows. They really acquired nearer to the terrifying magical beast? Isn’t that incredibly risky? Can you imagine if it accidentally steps upon them?
Right after her 1st mouthful, Xiao Rong persisted to consider pieces away from the fish, and in under one minute, she taken the whole of the seafood.
“Do the enchanting beasts in the frozen seas traumatize you?” Su Yang chuckled as he observed her working so concerned.
This wonderful monster had the appearance of a leopard however with two immensely long and sharp fangs within the lips, and it is fur was completely white colored, blending together with the backdrop.
This marvelous beast possessed the appearance of a leopard although with two immensely extended and sharp fangs in its jaws, together with its hair was completely white, mixing together with the backdrop.
“Are you currently fulfilled now?” Su Yang questioned her.
Xiao Rong nodded.
Chapter 907 – Going back to the Surface
“Xiao Rong, you can actually cease suppressing your farming starting point in the meantime. It’ll be much better for us for the reason that awesome beasts will think twice before they attack us.”
“Grasp, the earth is shaking.” Xiao Rong reported.
“Anyways, let’s quicken. We certainly have less than a thirty day period to achieve the Freezing Azure Cave, and at our current velocity, we are going to be overdue.”
Su Yang applied his Sword Qi to decapitate its head before using his Alchemy Flames to cook it.
“Don’t get worried, even though you can find marvelous beasts within the drinking water, they’re much less potent as the marvelous beasts outside. The truth is, they’re actually extremely fragile once we compare them into the other folks, since they are mostly beneath the Heavenly Heart World.”
“It’s a Divine Lord World wonderful beast… exact same levels as Qiuyue.” Su Yang believed to Xiao Rong.
“Below you travel.” Su Yang handed the prepared seafood to Xiao Rong, whoever eyeballs were actually flickering with excitement.
And immediately after going for walks for the small over 10 minutes, an enchanting monster came out before them.
“Become an expert in, the ground is trembling.” Xiao Rong mentioned.
“Do the wonderful beasts from the frozen beach traumatize you?” Su Yang chuckled when he saw her operating so worried.

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